Creating a special space for your Tarot reading

Tarot reading is a very personal and intimate experience for the querent; it involves making themselves vulnerable and being honest about issues and situations that may be difficult for them to talk about. As a reader, part of your job is to use your intuitive skills to the best of your ability. In addition, you need to be empathetic, sympathetic and non-judgmental; the querent needs to know that what they tell you isn’t going to be ridiculed or passed sentence on. To do that, they need to feel safe in your company.

Space: The Final Frontier

While you may have all the qualities required as a reader, there is an aspect that’s often overlooked – especially if you operate from your own home. Having the right environment in which to conduct a reading can be just as important as your attitude. You must ensure that the space in which you undertake a reading doesn’t project any particular attitudes or opinions you may hold – and you need to ensure that it doesn’t project anything that might be construed as offensive. In many ways, the space in which you read is an extension of yourself and, as such it ought to feel as welcoming and secure as possible.

Your main aim is to keep your client centred; that way, you’ll get the best out of them and, as a result, they’ll get the best out of you. Bearing that in mind, you should try and find the middle ground between giving your querent what they need in order to open up and what you need in order to channel your psychic abilities. The onus, however, should be on their comfort – after all, you’re operating on home turf and are immediately more comfortable than your guest by default.

Filling your Space

It pays to remember that some people are put off by New Age paraphernalia. While you might like the idea of projecting a mysterious and arcane image, it’s probably not what your client is looking for. In reality, they probably want to be faced with someone who appears just like them and inhabits an environment that isn’t completely alien to them. Having said that, many psychic readers find it helpful to have certain objects around them.

If it’s possible, then try and make sure that any objects you have in your reading room are forged from natural materials, such as shells, stone, wood or crystal. If they can be left in their ‘untampered’ form, all the better, as objects that are fashioned into icons can be intimidating. In addition, you may not know your querent’s spiritual or religious beliefs, so what is pleasing and spiritually refreshing to you may have negative connotations for that person.

Avoid projecting any of your religious or spiritual beliefs and stick to what Nature has to offer. However, there’s little point in just choosing random objects; they ought to be things that mean something to you or that resonate with you on a particular level.

Can you smoke during a reading?

Some readers like to use incense during a reading. According to Native American Indian beliefs, the burning of smoke can have purifying properties on both a physical and spiritual level. The Ancient Pagans used herb bundles for similar reasons. However, in the Modern Age, there’s more to take into account. Your client may have allergies, be asthmatic or simply have an aversion to scented smoke. If in doubt, you should ask before you get your lighter out.

Similarly, you should weigh up the pros and cons of certain things, such as perfume or aftershave. We all know how one man’s perfume can be another man’s mustard gas. In the case of perfumes, it’s either better to avoid them entirely or go for something neutral or natural, rather than smelling like a chemical cocktail.

Psychic Sounds

Music can be a soothing way to encourage an atmosphere of calm – but the same rules apply to music as they do to perfume; what works for you may not work for someone else. If aural stimulus is important to you, then try and find a soundtrack that is neutral or that can’t inspire divisive opinion. There are plenty of tapes available in New Age shops that are designed specifically to relax and needn’t offend. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s better to play any music you want to use at a ‘background’ level; you want your client to invest themselves wholly in the reading, not be listening to lyrics or be distracted by sudden guitar solos.

Don’t get too dark

Lighting is another important factor. If you are reading during the day, then use natural lighting wherever possible; it engenders a feeling of connection with the outside world and can help the querent with the idea that what they are doing isn’t taboo or secret, and that it’s as normal as seeking treatment for an illness from a GP.

The same goes if you’re reading in the evening. However, daylight isn’t always available – especially in the winter. In these instances aim for low lighting or lighting from a natural source, such as candlelight. But you need to ensure that you don’t go too dark; while it might add to the mysteriousness of the situation, it may also only serve to alienate your querent. So your lighting should be soft and calming, rather than dark and threatening.

Clean your room!

However, it’s not just the physical aspect of your space that can make or break a reading; there’s also the spiritual aspect to consider.

Undertaking a spiritual cleansing at the beginning or the end of each day can help to keep the room feeling welcoming and safe. Readings often investigate the negative aspects of a querent’s life and can result in negative vibrations spilling out. If left unattended, these can linger forming psychic stains in the atmosphere in which you work. Not only can this have an impact on your querent, but it can also take its toll on your abilities to forge that all-important bond between the two of you. Performing a psychic spring clean also helps ensure that your psyche is in tip-top condition and that you yourself aren’t harbouring any negative energy that might bleed into your readings.


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