Could Astrology Guide Us Out Of The Credit Crunch?

A recent article in the New York Times reported that the credit crunch is motivating Wall Street workers into looking towards psychics for economic advice. Thomas Taccetta, an American stock trader, admitted speaking to his psychic at least once a month.

‘There is no rhyme or reason to the way the market is trading,’ he said. ‘When conditions are this volatile, consulting a psychic can be as good a strategy as any other.’

Astrologers and psychics have seen their male client base grow to include investment bankers and real estate experts, professionals who are prepared to pay up to $1000 an hour for insight and advice.

‘My phone is ringing off the hook,’ said Roxanne Usleman, a psychic in Manhattan.

Roxanne channels angels to advise her clients on financial matters. She has seen a rise in private consultations and says she’s having trouble squeezing in appointments.

Dawn Carr, a psychic in Boston, has been taking corporate bookings for holiday parties. ‘These people are looking for someone not just to entertain them, but to enlighten them,’ she said.

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