Cosmo: The Psychic Parrot

Cosmo has correctly predicted the outcome of five different games between the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks. The bird has also predicted that the Vancouver Canucks will win the series overall.we're looking forward to seeing whether this prediction comes true as well!

The owner says "I didn't teach her at all, I just basically held up two cards with pictures of an orca and a shark, and asked her, 'Who's going to win game one? Who's going to win Game 2? I even shuffle them so they're not in the same positions. She will look at them, and then she will walk away and she'll come back, and look at it again, and she will pick one.'"

From Dirty Harry, the saltwater crocodile who predicted Spain's World Cup final win, to Paul the Octopus who predicted the World Cup results, there seems to be psychic animals popping up everywhere. Make sure you get your psychic readings from a professional human reader.


  • New Psychic Drama ‘A Gifted Man’

    After the recent cancellations of Medium and Ghost Whisperer, there’s been a distinct lack of the psychic world on television. Premiering in the States this autumn, A Gifted Man is set to fill this void! The show stars Patrick Wilson as Michael Holt, a successful surgeon whose life changes forever when he starts to communicate with his deceased ex-wife, Anna, played by Jennifer Ehle.

    3 June 2011

  • Housewives Star Visits Psychic

    ‘The Real Housewives of New York’ star Kelly Bensimon is the latest celebrity to reveal that she has met with a psychic. On her recent holiday to Morocco, Kelly sat down with the psychic at a party who informed her that she would soon be married and have a baby. Kelly reveals “The psychic in French tells me I think too much, and that I am going to get married and I am going to have a baby.”

    3 June 2011

  • How to be a Spiritual Goddess

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to connect with the world around you without using a crystal ball? Then Stephanie Brook’s new book ‘How To Be A Spiritual Goddess’ could be just for you. The book explores exciting ways to learn different abilities to discover more about your surroundings helping you to build your inner confidence. From stress ridding meditation to finding your soul mate, this book provides step-by-step guides that will help you to see yourself for who you are.

    26 May 2011

  • Hair extensions, fake tan and psychic readings!

    Katie Price may be famous for her crazy antics and turbulent love life, but she’s recently revealed that psychic Sally Morgan has helped her discover a little bit of inner peace. Sally visited Katie to give her a reading, during which she predicted that Katie would meet the man of her dreams - shortly after, Katie got together with toy boy Leandro Penna.

    25 May 2011

  • Want to live longer? Start hanging out with your colleagues!

    Forget getting chummy with your boss, a new study has shown that getting along with your workmates could help you live longer.   A new study by lead researcher Dr Arie Shirom from the Tel Aviv University has shown that people with good social relationships with their peers at work had a lower risk of morality, whereas a positive relationship with your boss or senior authority had no effect at all.

    20 May 2011

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