Contact your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is a watcher, a protector and an advisor. The relationship you share with your angel, be it an open or internal experience, is truly unique. We look at some of the ways you can open up a dialogue between you and your most treasured friend, your guardian angel.

Finding a quiet time and place to set your mind free is important if yore going to call your angel. Early morning meditation is recommended, preferably during sun rise. Dawn is a very divine time when spiritual doors are open and mental pathways are cleared.

Concentrate and listen
Meditative breathing techniques will help you concentrate so you can open your mind and listen to any messages that filter through. Messages might appear as words or even pictures or dream-like scenarios. Just relax and focus on receiving incoming signals and signs.

Ask and you will receive
By speaking out loud and even asking questions of your guardian angel you should start receiving answers, if not then and there, then throughout the coming days. Remember, the messages can come to you in any shape or form and you’ll know when they come.

Slowly does it
It is important to come out of meditation slowly, keeping mental paths unblocked and welcoming to any messages your angel might send. Don’t forget to thank your angel for all their guidance and protection and let them know you look forward to speaking with them soon.

Practice makes perfect
Try this technique of engaging in conversation with your guardian angel as much as you can. It’s not possible to demand too much of your angel, so contact them whenever and wherever you feel you need them. They are, after all, always there for you and you only.

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