Connecting with your Inner Spirit Guide

When psychics talk about an ‘inner spirit guide’ it suggests that there is some other force or being inhabiting our bodies. In reality, the inner guide is another way of describing our intuitive selves. However, it helps to think of it as a guide – an almost separate entity – as it gives us permission to listen clearly to what that aspect of our own character has to say.

Too often, we are coerced or persuaded to commit to decisions or action that we somehow sense are not right for us. This is an example of our intuitive side or inner guide expressing its reservations. Connecting with your inner spirit guide can be an important and liberating step to take. You no longer have to be swayed by the opinions of others. Instead, you can act upon the deeper feelings and thoughts that are locked within your core.

 Divine your Deeper Feelings

The process for contacting your inner spirit guide is based on the rituals used by the ancient Shamans. Shamans used trance-like states to access their inner wisdom and divine their true feelings on a given matter. The process also utilises modern visualisation techniques; the language of the subconscious which is the area of your personality you are trying to tap into. In addition, Vedic and Tantric practices are incorporated, to help promote the relaxed state required in order to make that critical connection.

 As with all meditative techniques, you need to find a quiet place in order to begin. You can augment the space to your taste, with some incense or some artefacts made from natural materials which you can use to focus on and deepen your meditation. Be sure to turn your mobile phone off, disconnect the landline and take any preventative measures to ensure that you are not disturbed. Put on some comfortable clothes and sit in the lotus position, listening to and counting the cycles of your breathing.

 Using Visualisation

Once you feel that you are completely relaxed and in a state that is much like the one between waking and sleeping, it’s time to begin the process of visualisation. The subconscious communicates in symbols and images, so you need to learn the lingo in order to make your requests heard. Begin by visualising a nine-step staircase, bathed in white light. Next, visualise yourself ascending that staircase, one step at a time. However, don’t rush the process: take your time to visualise all the details and at the same time see yourself feeling lighter, warmer and more psychically expansive, the higher you climb.

 Once you have reached the top step, stop and see where you have ended up. This will be unique to you and there is no such thing as wrong; you might find yourself in cave, a forest or even your living room. Wherever you are, it is representative of your inner self; the place in which your core values, beliefs, thoughts and feelings are kept close. Continue the process by visualising yourself sitting in that environment in the lotus position, just as you are in real life.

 Opening the gateway of communication

 Next, picture a white light just above the top of your head. Allow it to move in front of you and take any form that it sees fit. This is the gateway of communication with your inner spirit guide. It may be that the light manifests as a version of yourself or someone you know. But whatever it is, be sure to enjoy the feelings of peace and connection that come with it. In some of these visualisations there is a feeling that you want to merge with the figure in front of you. Feel free to do so; your subconscious is inviting you in.

Whether you have merged or not, now is the point that you can ask your subconscious to reveal the answer to your particular question. Your question should be as specific as possible, but you can also underscore it with the request that the doors of communication are kept open. You will then find that there are pictures, sensations and feelings added to the visualisations and, within them, you should find the advice you are looking for. The answers might not be immediately obvious but, combined with the accompanying images and feelings, you should be able to make sense of them – even though they might appear random to begin with.

 Learning the Lingo

Once you feel that you are ready to leave this scenario, you should first make contact with your inner spirit guide and thank it. This might be in the form of shaking hands, hugging or speaking; go with whatever feels right. Then, visualise yourself standing and walking towards the staircase. Descend the stairs and walk back into your own body, picturing yourself as being surrounded by a white light and carrying a sense of peace and fulfilment with you.

Once you have entered your physical body, remain seated for a moment, slowly registering the sounds and sensations around you. Open your eyes and take some time to stretch out your muscles, before continuing with your day and considering the messages you have been given by your inner spirit guide.

If you repeat this visualisation, you will find it easier to make contact with your inner spirit guide and, over time, you will learn to more easily understand the language that is communicated between you. In addition, you will be priming your subconscious to be in a state of constant readiness, giving it permission to tell you what it thinks about a situation or a person in real-time. Consequently, your intuitive powers will develop and you’ll learn to trust your instinct in any given circumstances.

 Your inner spirit guide is as much a sense to be employed as your sight, hearing, taste, smell or touch. In making contact, you are creating a more open channel of communication, allowing your inner spirit guide to make its feelings known - perhaps at a time when you most need intuitive and insightful advice. After all, no one knows you like you do, so why would you listen to anyone else?


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