Cleansing your home of Negative Spiritual Energy

Your home is like a sponge. As well as picking up dust, stains, chips and dings, it will also absorb the energies that are put into it. Just as your home becomes overcrowded with physical clutter, it will also accumulate emotional clutter as well. Emotions that are not needed any more can linger and, unless you give your place a good, spiritual spring cleaning, they can have profound effect on your spiritual well being. Summer is the perfect time to get rid of the old and make way for the new.

Wine on Wood

It might sound odd to say that your home can retain negative energies, but if you think of spilling wine on a wooden floor, it becomes easier to understand. While you may mop up the liquid, a residue will remain, forming a stain. Unless you treat the wood or sand it down, that stain will harbour bacteria and spread, becoming mould. The energy we generate on an emotional level consists of vibrations.

Physics teaches us that all matter is merely energy slowed to a very slow frequency. So when the vibrational energy of emotion encounters the vibrational energy of matter, such as walls or furniture, it slows to meet that frequency. A wood-stain becomes part of the wood and an emotional stain becomes part of the environment it was projected into. To prevent that emotional stain evolving into something more negative and potent, it’s a good idea to give it a psychic clean.


The first step is to know when is the best time to conduct a cleansing of this sort. Broadly speaking there are a number of situations that are most appropriate:


The Best Times to conduct a Spiritual Spring-clean

● After a physical spring cleaning

● After an argument or traumatic, emotional event

● When you move into a new home

● When an occupant moves out

● When you buy an antique or piece of second-hand furniture

● Any time you are trying to gather the resources to begin a new venture or project.

Most of these situations are ones in which there is a significant, emotional wake. However, you can also conduct a cleansing to make way for something new. At the end, you should feel positive, recharged and reinvigorated and the rooms you have cleansed should take on a different aspect and have a different ‘feel’ to them, like a blank canvas waiting for some paint.


De-cluttering your home and soul

The first thing to do is to physically de-clutter the room you’re working in. Often, objects can become representative of things that have happened in the past. They are anchors to what has gone before and, unless we move them on or change their position in the house, they can prevent us from moving forwards spiritually. As you consider each object, think about what it means to you and what its associations are. If it holds negative associations, then take the time to think about them and question what you have learned from that experience and ask yourself why you find it hard to let that experience go.

Once you have an understanding, you will then be ready to either dispose of it or put it somewhere else. You may only need to do this with a few items, but these will be the important ones; the ones that are preventing you from getting on with your life.

Once you are de-cluttered, you can clean the room. This can be likened to a bathing ritual, where you clean the physical, in preparation to begin with the psychic. Where possible, use eco-friendly and natural cleaning products. It’s only a small detail, but the knowledge that you are respecting both your home and your environment can be a source of great pride and encourage spiritual positivity and inner calm.

Intent and Affirmation

To begin the psychic cleansing, you should sit in the middle of the room and meditate to a light, trance-like state. If there are strong negative associations with the room, then you should picture them as a vivid photograph, freeze-framing the moment that sums up the essence of that occasion. Imagine it in as much detail as you can, paying particular attention to the room itself, where certain things were and how they appeared. Once you have that image fixed in your mind, you should drain the colour out of it and make the image smaller and smaller, until it completely disappears.

Next, visualise the kind of emotional situations you want to take place in that room and imagine them as bright, colourful and moving pictures, like a small movie. Note the details of the room and how cheerful and positive it looks. This visualisation forms your psychic intent to change every aspect of the room’s atmosphere and feeling.

Using Common Scents

Those intentions need to be affirmed; once you speak something out loud, it makes it feel that much more real. The Native American Indians and the Ancient Pagans believed in the cleansing power of smoke. While it might be a bit much to suggest that you light a bonfire in your living room, using incense can be just as potent. Choose calming or uplifting scents, such as Sage or Sandalwood. Walk around the room, filling it with the new fragrance and announce your affirmations in a way, similar to this: “I am banishing all negative thoughts, emotions and energy from this room.” You can say this as much as you like and in your own words; whatever resonates most with you is the best approach to take.

Once you have completed this part of the ritual, open all the doors and windows to let the smoke out, taking with it all the negativity you have ejected. Finally, light a candle and use it as a focus for a final meditation, imaging that the room is being filled with a bright, restorative light that cleans and touches everything in there. You may want to use a scented candle to imbue the room with a new scent and sense of identity or you may prefer to let it assume its own aspect as your life moves forward.

Your home is an extension of yourself; look after it and it will look after you.







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