Clairvoyant phone readings - are they worth the cost?

Clairvoyants have firmly established themselves as part of the 21st Century’s virtual furniture. Where finding a clairvoyant used to be a fairly difficult process, a quick scour of the Internet will put you in touch with any number of these gifted individuals. However, where clairvoyants of yesteryear used to charge a lump sum for a reading, today’s practitioners tend to charge by the minute; you subscribe to a particular service, log in and pay for the time you use. There are some who feel that this isn’t necessarily a fair way of conducting business, which begs the question: are clairvoyant phone readings worth the cost?

The price is right?

Part of the problem is that there is no governing body when it comes to regulating what psychics can charge for their services; one may charge a small fortune for a reading, while another’s fees might appear much more reasonable. However, this is one of the benefits of the sites that offer a number of psychics under one umbrella; they have created a competitive arena and one that ensures that the fees you pay are priced reasonably. These companies run as a business and the key to getting repeat customers is to offer a great service at a good price. Consequently, you will find that the established online companies who offer these services tend to be similarly priced and offer similar deals.

The business of business

The other thing that these companies have over their smaller or individual competitors is quality control. Although the psychics who actually conduct the readings may be doing so for personal reasons, the people in charge are, as we’ve said, looking at it from a business point of view. As a result, they need to know that the psychics they employ are the real deal and up to the job. It’s not unusual to find these companies using their own screening programs to decide which psychics to employ and support programs to test and re-test those psychics, once they’ve been employed.

However, the best indicator of just how good a psychic is –whether they’re going it alone or are part of a company – is to check out their testimonials page.

But not all testimonials pages are created equal. You need to look for the ones that are only open for comment to the people who have actually been clients. ‘Free for all’ testimonial pages are open to abuse and manipulation, and the friends and family of readers can be asked to falsify testimonials. Similarly, competitors can leave derogatory comments, giving a poor impression of a genuine psychic. The testimonial pages you can trust are those that are only open to people who have paid their fees and had their reading. They will be the genuine thoughts and feelings of those who have undertaken the process. You can also visit the individual profiles of the psychics who advertise through the sites and get a feel for what it is that they offer and whether you feel that this is the kind of thing that you’re looking for.

Can they deliver the goods?

For most people, it’s not a question of how much the psychics charge; it’s a question of whether or not they can genuinely deliver the goods – especially when it comes to clairvoyants. By their very nature, clairvoyants have thrived on face-to-face contact, and their gift seems to rely on being able to be in the vicinity of their client and using their intuitive abilities to perceive what may lie in store for them. Phone psychics don’t have the luxury of being able to meet their clients face-to-face, so the perception is that their services and gifts are somehow inferior.

That couldn't be further from the truth. Online clairvoyants spend a large part of their training learning to project their abilities over great distances. The process they use isn’t that dissimilar from what they do in a personal encounter. Ultimately, it relies on making a psychic connection with the caller, which is then used to intuit a prediction. The other advantage of using phone clairvoyants is that it minimises the potential for getting taken for a ride by cold readers.

The cold war

Cold readers are people who are highly skilled at reading body language and picking up on visual clues to the point that they are then able to apparently make predictions and give accurate information about the client’s past. They rely on any number of visual pointers to make educated and accurate guesses about the person they are dealing with. It might be the way their client stands or sits, the way they are dressed, the way they use their hands or touch their face. Hairstyles, jewellery, tattoos, piercings and the way you speak are all food to a cold reader.

However, using the services of a phone clairvoyant removes 99% of the clues that a cold reader can use. As a result, you tend not to find them advertising their services in this fashion.

Use your intuition

However, there is the question of how you know whether you’re dealing with a good psychic or not. For most people, it manifests as a ‘feeling’; a sense that the clairvoyant has knowledge of them on a profound and fundamental level. This is because, regardless of the distance involved, a good psychic will be able to forge a subconscious link with their client. This will become more evident in the way the reading progresses; what they say to you will let you know just how good they are at what they do. Conversely, you should also be able to judge fairly quickly if your chosen psychic isn’t up to scratch.

Phone clairvoyants are just as accurate and just as powerful as those who offer their services on a face-to-face basis. In many ways, from the client’s point of view, there are far more assurances that the service they are getting is of a good quality and priced reasonably. Ultimately, the only way to find out if something works for you is to give it a whirl, but there’s no reason to discount services of this sort, simply because of the environment in which they operate. If you don’t know, you can’t judge.


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