Which Tarot deck suits your personality?


Choosing a Tarot deck might not sound like a difficult decision but, with the availability of the Internet and online shops, consumers are spoilt for choice in practically every avenue of their lives – including Tarot decks. However, there are three simple strategies that will help you find the deck that is best for you.

What’s it For?

Deciding what you will use the deck for is the first step in ‘narrowing the goalposts’. You may want to use the Tarot as a meditative tool, a learning tool or for conducting readings for others. If it’s for conducting readings for others, will you be reading for adults or children? By viewing the deck as a tool and defining its specific purpose, you will automatically be discounting certain decks from your choice. Reading for yourself, you may want to choose a deck that has some personal significance. Perhaps the artwork is something you respond to or you have certain associations with certain decks. In reading for others, you may want something evocative to encourage the freedom of association that many find so important.

How Should It Look?

Knowing what your deck is for should have some bearing on the artwork you choose. Many decks feature art that could be seen as threatening or sinister. If this appeals to you and the deck is for personal use, then you should embrace it. However, if the deck is for use with clients, you may want to consider whether or not they will be put off by such imagery, which could easily interrupt the flow of energies between you.

Decks are available in a variety of styles, ranging from antique to contemporary. Choose artwork that ‘feels right’, yet will not act as an obstacle if being used with other people.

Bonus Features?

Many decks feature text on the cards. For beginners, this can be an absolute blessing, allowing them to respond intuitively without having to consult books. In addition, many seasoned readers like added text as it gives extra weight to each card, particularly in public readings. However, others view the addition of text as a distraction and one that can impede the fluidity of a reading. Consider how you like to work and decide which is most appropriate.

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