Choosing The Right Spirit Coach

Most people have heard of the benefits of hiring a life coach. Life coaches help people to address problems in their lives, through a combination of counselling and psychotherapy. However, fewer people have heard of the benefits of spirit coaching. Spirit Coaches help their clients move forward through life, but focus on spiritual alignment to release their innate psychic abilities and help them to tap into the hidden gifts that will aid them on life’s path. Spiritual coaching is a less-regulated profession than its counterpart; what should you look for to ensure that you are choosing the right one?


A Reflection of Your Higher Self

While most Spirit coaches tend to have their own methods of teaching, they are all united in their cause. A Spirit Coach will help you facilitate changes in your life, allowing you to achieve your goals and free yourself from mental or emotional shackles that may be holding you back or even doing you harm. They work on the theory that the physical self is a reflection of our higher selves and that addressing the problem at its spiritual root can have far more powerful effects than physical treatments.


Questions and Answers

A good Spirit Coach will begin by asking questions. One of the most important questions they can ask is about how you see yourself. While this line of questioning may initially be concerned with issues in the physical realm, a good coach will follow the threads you supply until they become relevant to your spiritual well-being. Using this information, they should be able to discern what your deeper problems are and provide you with a rough, verbal sketch of the issues that are hampering your spiritual development and how best to address them. Even this initial questioning should awaken your intuition and you can use this to help you choose your coach. Listen to the coach’s diagnosis and see if it rings true for you. If so, then your intuitive self is already building a deeper connection with your coach; one that will sustain and support you through the lessons to come. However, if you find that your gut feeling is negative, you should feel no guilt in terminating the arrangement and seeking guidance from another coach.

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