Chinese Astrology - 2013: Year Of The Snake

The Chinese Year of the Snake began on February 10th , 2013. In Western society and mythology, snakes are often associated with evil and cold, reptilian cunning. However, Chinese astrology paints a very different picture, so what does it mean to be born in the Year of the Snake?

 Mythological Seducers

 The immediate association for most Westerners is with the snake in the Garden of Eden; seductive, duplicitous and with a hidden, self-serving agenda. In Chinese mythology too, snakes are painted as the seducers of mankind. The Story of the White Snake relates how a white snake transformed itself into a beautiful woman in order to win the affections of a man she had fallen in love with. However, in astrological terms, this seductive nature manifests itself as charm and a desire to be in the spotlight. As a result, Snakes are often popular people, surrounded by loyal friends, many of whom will harbour a secret crush on that person. Snakes are rarely short of admirers!

 Just as poisonous snakes will strike swiftly and accurately, Snake people are quick to make decisions, and once they do they will commit to them to the bitter end. Rather than stubbornness or impulsive nature, this is because Snakes have the uncanny ability to weigh up a situation very quickly and see what lies at its heart. Their commitment to a decision is just that; they know that their decision may be unpopular but, once they have chosen a course of action, they have to dedicate themselves to it.

 However, despite this ability, they are deep thinkers and very philosophical in nature. In addition, they are very self-reliant; in meeting others, they prefer to draw on their intuitive abilities to make judgements. For a Snake, it is the first impression that counts and they will not be swayed by gossip or the opinions of others.

The Snake and Money

 Financially, Snakes are very careful with their money, giving them a reputation as being miserly. However, ask a Snake to borrow money and he will give you as much as he can reasonably afford. But there is a peculiar price to pay in seeking the generosity of a Snake. Once they have done you a favour, it is as though they feel they have a peculiar ownership over you. It’s not that they are making you feel indebted to them – for a Snake, there is a strange sense of connection in an exchange of this sort and they feel that they have somehow got to know you on a deeper level – whether you feel that way or not. However, Snakes are rarely short of a bob or two, and money seems to follow them around. For these reptilians, this is very fortunate indeed, because they are inherently lazy; it’s a rarity to find a Snake who works too hard!

 Reptilian Romance

When it comes to matters of the heart, beneath that natural charisma, beats the heart of a dyed-in-the-wool romantic. Snakes are aesthetes and will usually choose a partner for his or her looks before any other qualities. However, they are very committed to their relationships – often to the point of possessiveness. Rejection is one of the worst blows that a Snake can receive. It’s not that they’re egotists; rather, they are insecure and demand a lot of reassurance, approval and security from those who are close to them.

Those born in the Year of the Snake are thought to be blessed with an almost supernatural wisdom, certainly one that appears to be beyond their years. In business, they can be formidable opponents, lying unnoticed for long periods of time before suddenly making their decisions and seizing an opportunity without any compunction whatsoever. With people, they are very similar, and their wisdom is the result of a highly developed intuitive sense. Snakes are able to read people very thoroughly and very quickly and make accurate judgements.

However, they are also good friends to have; a Snake will listen to your problems, quietly and without judgement, before striking at the heart of the matter. The advice they offer may be brutal or direct, but it will always be accurate and well-informed. Even at their laziest, a Snake’s mind is always ticking away, steadily weighing up their options.

Success and fame seem to follow snakes around with as much ease as money does. In part, this is because a Snake’s striking ability is never restricted by loyalty to those around them. In business, a Snake will put himself before others without any feelings of remorse. This, however, is as close as a Snake gets to being truly treacherous and this behaviour is never personal. The Snake is simply so focused on reaching his goal that he hasn’t got time to let emotions get in the way. The other facet to his success is the enigmatic quality that seems so attractive to others. By nature, Snakes are secretive. They are aware that any weakness can be used to another’s advantage so, rather than risk getting hurt or being made a fool of, they protect themselves with a cool, calm veneer.

The Snake and his Family

 The downside of dating a Snake is that they tend to have a roving eye. While they are fiercely possessive of their partners, it doesn’t prevent them from conducting extra-marital affairs. Usually, however, if they are able to channel their restless nature into their families and home lives, Snakes can achieve a state of peace and inner harmony that they may never have thought possible. Ultimately, if a Snake can focus on it, their homes are where their hearts are. In addition, Snakes tend to have large families although sometimes this is to prevent their partners from running around, as they can be inclined to do.

 As with their reptilian counterparts, Snake people suffer in cold weather and flourish in the hot. During the winter months, Snakes will become gloomy or crotchety and this mood will only be alleviated with a trip abroad. Conversely, in the summer months, they are a sheer joy to be around, and the warm weather brings out their best qualities. Complicated and multi-faceted, those born in the year of the Snake are much more than the seductive temptresses or reptilian Romeos that they are portrayed to be!


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