Cheryl's psychic picks Dannii to win X Factor

Cheryl Cole's psychic healer has given a hint as to which TV judge will mentor this year's X Factor winner.

And it seems that Californian psychic, Jusstine Kenzer, fancies new mum, Dannii Minogue's chances.

Discounting the other judges, Jusstine described Simon Cowell ending the series feeling "happy, if not jumping up and down with joy", while Louis Walsh "doesn't stand out as the ultimate winning judge."

And she claims Cheryl Cole, who consulted Jusstine earlier this year during the breakdown of her marriage, will be too busy concentrating on rebuilding her strength after a bout of malaria to scoop the prize.

Instead, she believes Dannii is showing all the signs of being the victor, saying "There's a great energy around her. She's like a healer. She's really warm. She's going to be really happy with the end result."

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