Can you use online psychic reading as part of your everyday spirituality?

Can you use online psychic readings as part of your everyday spirituality?

Search the Internet for psychic services and you’ll invariably come across sites that offer a broad range. Whether you’re after a Tarot reader, an astrologer or even the services of a clairvoyant, there are plenty to choose from. However, another aspect of the online community is that it’s available to you at any time of day or night, so it’s incredibly convenient. Many sites expound the benefits of being able to contact a psychic at the time that is most convenient to you; getting a psychic reading is infinitely easier than it has ever been.

However, just because something is readily available, does it mean that you should use it on a daily basis?

Finding the key

Generally speaking, most people tend to use the services of psychics when they have exhausted the more traditional guidance routes available to them. If it isn’t an actual crisis they are going through, it tends to be a period in life where they feel that something is ‘missing’ from their existence. Talking to friends and relatives is no good and even the services of a counsellor may fail to get to the heart of the matter. In either case, people in these situations tend to find that they have got to a point where they feel they need a completely distant and different perspective on what it is they are going through. They may find they go to a psychic two or three times but, after that, have found that path that suits them best – and this is where the key lies.

Before you seek out the services of a psychic, you need to ask why you are going. Is there a crisis that you just can’t seem to resolve? Are you haunted by the actions of the past or maybe the future is a long, dark tunnel and you want to know if there is any light at the end of it. Alternatively, you might be suffering from a malaise of the soul that you just can’t shake. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know just what you’re going for; the purpose of psychic services isn’t to let you know what’s around the corner – it serves a slightly different purpose and one that may determine just how often you use a psychic.

Where does the responsibility lie?

Contrary to popular belief, psychics don’t give you a short-cut to the future; it’s a little more involved than that. The majority of psychics use their gifts on an intuitive level, through which they can make predictions as to the most likely outcomes. The subconscious is like a silent, two-way radio that is continually broadcasting and receiving signals. Depending on our spiritual health, the signals we send are either positive or negative ones. Similarly, the same is true of those we receive and, if our spiritual health is lacking, it can be hard to filter out the negative ones, which can be absorbed, leaving a psychic stain on our subconscious minds.

Psychics have the pronounced ability to be able to pick up and translate the energies you transmit. For some, this comes in the shape of an aura, for others it’s a ‘feeling’ while for others it may be in the forms of visions or contact from the spiritual realm. Each psychic uses his own methods and tools to get to the heart of the matter.

Looking at it his way; it’s easier to understand that a psychic offers a diagnosis, rather than a prediction. They use their abilities to take a peek under the surface and see what’s really going on in our lives. As a result, they will be able to spot where the imbalances in our lives lie and, given that the mind, body and soul are inextricably linked, be able to discern just how they affect us, spiritually, emotionally and physically. However, the work they do doesn’t result in them telling us what will take place further down the line; it means that we’ve also got a bit of work to do.

Shaping our own destinies

Much of what a psychic does is perceived as a form of divination but, in reality, they tend to guide us along the path towards self-divination. Under their guidance, we learn about ourselves on a deeply profound level, perhaps learning things about ourselves that we somehow ‘knew’ all along, but were too afraid to admit. Alternatively, these revelations can come as a complete surprise. Regardless, what they leave us with is the knowledge that we have to look at and address the problems that are affecting us. Ultimately, these can be the reasons why our lives aren’t taking the direction we’d like them to. The obstacles we find in our paths tend to be the ones we’ve put there ourselves. In order to remove them, we have to look deep within ourselves and decide how to rearrange our psychic structures in order to achieve some inner harmony. Only then will we begin to turn our lives around. Ultimately, the responsibility is ours. While the psychic can help us to learn about ourselves, it’s a worthless exercise if we’re not prepared to act upon those findings.

Achieving the destiny you deserve

Consequently, most psychics suggest that you come and see them again, to make a ‘progress report’. You may have been sent away with some ideas of how to begin to work on the aspects of your psyche that need your attention or you may even have been given a program of mental or spiritual exercises to undertake. Whichever you way you look at it, these ideas and practices will take time to implement and achieve results, so you need the time and space to put the work in.

If you are taking a psychic reading on a daily basis, you won’t give your psyche the time it needs to absorb and act upon the new information. However, by acting on the advice and insights of your psychic, you are embracing spirituality on a daily basis. Being spiritual doesn’t mean consulting an oracle on a daily basis; it means working with yourself to achieve an inner peace that will allow you to transmit and receive positive energies that will help you to achieve the destiny you deserve.

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