Can the tarot guide you to business success?

Many people mistakenly believe that the Tarot is a tool for fortune telling or divination. However, while the Tarot cannot tell you what is to come, it can help you learn enough about yourself so that you can decide what is to come. Given that we all have a relationship with business in some shape or form and that we are our own key to success, there is no reason why the cards should not reveal to you the path to achieving your desires.

Your Role in Business

Whether you are a ‘front-line’ worker or run a business, you will be faced with decisions on a daily basis. The choices we make and the way we conduct ourselves are limited only by our self-belief and self-worth. In short, only we can decide how successful or unsuccessful we are going to be. Without doubt there will be unforeseen events and circumstances that scupper our plans but, if we are truly in tune with our higher selves, then these obstacles can be overcome or dealt with, creatively. This is where the Tarot can offer guidance, acting as a lifeline between you and your subconscious self.

The Tarot in Business

The Tarot offers symbolic signposts towards your higher self, and through communicating with it you can discern your true feelings and goals. It is important in any psychic reading that you acknowledge your role in the situation you wish to understand, as your actions can directly affect the possible outcomes of any decision. Rather than asking the cards what is going to happen, it is better to be more proactive and ask how you can influence the outcome to your best ability. Your subconscious will then focus on using the cards to guide you in the right direction.

Often, seekers receive answers that they do not expect; inverted or reversed cards are a prime example of this. However, these are not warnings or malign messages. Instead, they are often your subconscious flagging up a self-imposed obstacle to your success. It may be that you haven’t fully engaged with an upsetting or frustrating event in your past or that you have allowed a particular business relationship to sour. Whatever the incident may be, if it hasn’t been fully dealt with, then the residual negative energy that surrounds you can hamper or stunt your positive energies.

The Tarot in business can be a powerful tool, but should not be regarded as a ‘quick fix’ solution. Instead, it should be seen as part of an ongoing programme of self-improvement that can help you to achieve personal fulfilment and success in the things that you apply yourself to.




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