Can our ancestors help us with our future choices?

Cycles of behaviour, particularly destructive ones, may have their roots in the lives of our ancestors, according to an NHS physicist. Nikki MacKay believes that the events of previous generations can have long-lasting effects, almost like a psychic fingerprint. But, if you are made aware of the pitfalls that your ancestors may have fallen foul of, are you then able to break that pattern and forge your own destiny? MacKay believes that “where we come from and our place in the family has a huge impact on not only how we feel about ourselves, but also the choices that we make in the future.” 


A Family Constellator


Previously working in Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital, Mackay was researching the effects of energy healing and complementary therapies on the human nervous system. Her work led her to investigate further aspects of psychic phenomena and it was then that she decided to begin work as a ‘psychic constellator’. Her theory is that, in the same way that stars for constellations and interact together, families repeat patterns of behaviour, often forming their own constellations of negative energies. While medical experts are convinced that certain behavioural aspects, such as depression, could be governed by genes, MacKay believes that, psychically, there is an ancestral aspect being overlooked: “the unseen and the unspoken has a habit of making itself heard further down the line.”


Break the Chain


However, the good news is that she also believes that it is possible to break these cycles of behaviour. She says that “going back and finding out who these people were are what they did will often give you a clue to find out who you are and perhaps why something is happening in your life. Once we trace it back to its root, we can clear it.” Despite this, MacKay is keen to point out that it is not enough to simply apportion blame. It seems that we, once we have identified a pattern of behaviour and its source, it is then up to us to break the chain. As she says: “sometimes you need to go back before you can move forward.”


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