Can a love Tarot card reading predict true love?

Love and relationships are the most popular reasons for seeking the services of a Tarot reader. Often, people consult the cards to find out how they can improve an existing relationship but, more frequently, people approach psychics looking for advice on finding their soul mate. However, there is some confusion as to just what a Tarot reader can do in this situation. Some querents go in the hope that the cards will somehow predict when true love is coming and even who that person might be. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Tarot cards aren’t a direct link to your one true love, but they can give you something that is infinitely more rewarding.

How Love Tarot Works

In order to understand what the love Tarot can do for you, it’s first best to get an overview of how the cards work. There are 78 cards in any Tarot deck and, together, they tell the allegorical story of The Fool’s Journey. This story relates the trials and tribulations of The Fool, who is used to represent the ‘everyman’ figure. He is each and every one of us. As the cards unfold, we see the Fool undergo a transformation from spiritual stagnation and ignorance to becoming an enlightened and dynamic force.

This transformation is the result of a number of encounters and situations in which the Fool is tested and challenged. In order to proceed to the ‘next level’, he has to learn certain lessons and tap into the appropriate and positive aspects of his nature. Only through introspection can he make the right decisions and this introspection is often translated into action.

In a love Tarot reading, the querent asks the cards a question, such as ‘am I destined for true love?’ The reader may use card spreads that are designed to tune into the querent’s emotional, mental and spiritual states. Often, they will examine the past, the present and the future, charting how certain patterns of behaviour have brought the seeker to this particular crossroads and how those patterns of behaviour are likely to affect the future.

However, what they won’t do is tell you when that tall, dark stranger is going to walk into your life and sweep you off your feet. The Tarot is more concerned with giving you insight into how you operate as a spiritual being, rather than giving you a short-cut to the future. But how can this help you find true love?

How you are behaving and what it means

The Tarot cards can be unforgiving, in that they are just as likely to point out your faults and weaknesses as they are to highlight your strengths. However, when it comes to love, this is information you really need to know. A Tarot reader will be able to build a psychic identikit picture of your emotional, mental and spiritual states and, using the cards, uncover any negative patterns of behaviour or character traits that might be preventing you from achieving romantic happiness. It might be that you are transmitting negative signals or that you are chasing the wrong sort of person.

Alternatively, it might be that there are deep-rooted insecurities that are preventing you from making your feelings known to that special someone. Whatever the problem is, a good Tarot reader will help you identify it, understand it and then help you take the appropriate steps to get you back on track. Ultimately, love Tarot is less about finding love without and rediscovering love within. Self-love is the most potent force towards attracting the kind of person you want to end up with.

Who will I end up with?

When it comes to finding the identity of your future soul mate, the Tarot can be of help – but not in the way you might think. If you’re looking for names, addresses and star signs, then you’re going to need to look elsewhere. However, based on your own psychic profile, a good reader will be able to tell you the kind of person you’re likely to be attracting at this moment in time and, if you put in the required work, the kind of person you might well attract once you have achieved more of your potential.

They may even be able to identify the influences of another in your sphere – although they won’t be able to give you a specific name. However, the traits that the reader flags up might be enough for you to make an educated guess as to who that person is and whether it’d be a good idea to get involved with them or not.

A voyage of self-discovery

As the querent, you have a responsibility to make your needs very clear, so you’ll need to ensure that your reader knows exactly why you’re here and just what you’re looking for. It may be a good idea to take advice from the reader on how best to phrase your question to the cards. One slight slip and the cards might be answering a question that has no bearing on what you really want to know.

Your best policy is honesty, and the more honest you are the greater the accuracy of your reading is likely to be. Readers, partly because of their natural, empathic abilities, are non-judgmental and sympathetic. They are dedicated to helping you to learn more about yourself, so that you can, ultimately, help yourself. Love Tarot is more a of voyage of self-discovery than a supernatural dating experience.

Love Tarot is a very specialist field within the world of Tarot reading. It requires a strong and intimate connection and that both the reader and the querent make themselves slightly vulnerable. Although the cards used are the same as in any other Tarot reading, it is the type of psychic connection that the reader will make with you that allows them to explore your romantic needs and desires.

While the Tarot might not be able to give you the phone number of your potential soul mate, it can put you on a path towards learning to love yourself better which, in turn, will help you generate the right signals towards finding that special someone.


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