Can You Read Your Own Tarot Cards?


While most people tend to think if going to a reader in order to use the Tarot, it is entirely possible to conduct a reading on yourself. However, there are certain things you should be aware of before you proceed.

Objectivity And Emotion

Part of the benefit of having a reader involved is their objectivity. While it is well worth giving them as much detail as possible about the situation you wish to unravel, they are not going to judge you and they are not living it, so their intuition is not clouded by emotion or desires. The temptation to manipulate the cards or deliberately misinterpret their meanings for your own satisfaction is one you must over-ride. However, emotions are much harder to control and using a reader can often be more positive, especially if you are experiencing strong feelings about a particular subject.


The other thing you need to be sure of is your own intuitive abilities – especially if the situation is an emotive one. A reader has the benefit of emotional distance and an overview that does not interfere with their intuitive abilities. In addition, you may not be sure of just how accurate your powers of intuition are. The best way to test them is to begin reading. Intuition can manifest itself as a strong feeling about a card and the important thing is to listen to that feeling, honestly.

As you begin your readings, make notes of the feelings you experience and any images you visualise. These may appear random and unconnected but, through making notes, you may be able to discern the way in which your subconscious has elected to communicate with you. It is also important to allow these feelings to come through clearly; often we are surprised at what the Tarot can reveal and, alone, may want to dismiss cards as a ‘bad choice’ or the feelings we have as just random. However, referring to your notes as time unfolds will give you a good idea as to which feelings were most honest and, therefore, most accurate.

Many readers enjoy reading for themselves; all it takes is a little practice.

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