Can You Negatively Influence A Tarot Reading?

It may be that you are approaching the cards in a particularly negative frame of mind or that your question has a darker edge to it. Can the negative energies you generate have an influence on the way the Tarot responds?

Multi-Layered Meanings

The answer is both yes and no. The Tarot is a reflection of what is going on beneath the surface. The Major Arcanum represents the grand themes that govern all of our lives, while the Minor Arcanum brings those energies into focus and makes them pertinent to our individual lives. In posing a question to the cards, through the reader, the multi-layered meanings behind the cards are revealed with specific significance to us. Without doubt, the way you are feeling will be reflected in the cards and the reader will be able to pick up on the energies you are generating.

However, the cards are an impartial conduit to your subconscious, merely giving you the opportunity to explore your inner feelings. You cannot force the cards to give you a negative answer; the person responsible for selecting that answer is you. It may be that you pick up reversed cards or cards with a negative association, but the cards do not influence you either way – you are the only one responsible for what the cards show.

Accentuate The Positive

There is a further question to consider: can the Tarot actually deliver negative information, anyway? Once again, the answer lies in your hands. The Tarot can unveil the problems you have put in your own path and it can highlight negative aspects of your personality that may be preventing you from achieving the goals you desire – but is this a negative thing? With the information from the deck and the intuitive skills of the reader, you can gain an overview into how you are restricting your own development. In addition, you can unearth the tools you have at your disposal to change that situation – which can only be a positive development.

In short, whatever the Tarot tells you is, ultimately, positive. Its meanings are influenced only by your own perception.

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