Can You Dream About Your Future Love?


We spend a third of our lives asleep. While our bodies are recovering from the day's activities, our brains are also having a 'sort out' of the information we've received during the day. Often this sorting takes the form of dreams, and for the majority of us our dreams are our brain simply interpreting the data it has taken in during the last few hours.

Like a mental jigsaw puzzle, dream interpretation takes the scraps of information in a dream and puts them together to make a complete picture. Do an online search on 'dream interpretations' and you'll find millions of pages giving you (often-contradictory) meanings for everything from dreaming of sweeping a floor to the classic 'falling' dreams. So is this process purely random, dictated by chemicals within the brain and our real-life experiences, or do dreams have deeper meanings? And can they tell you about your future love?

Love dreams

If you're single or looking for love, it's only natural to dream about it. While it is unlikely that a dream can actually give you a name, address and mental photo of your future partner, what it can do is tell you a little more about yourself, and your expectations. While you might follow the heard and lust after that 'tall, dark, handsome stranger', a love dream can tell you more about the type of person that would make you truly happy.

That doesn't necessarily mean that your dreams are telling you to settle for 'second best', but they do strip away the superficial things like looks and give you indicators as to what's really important to you. A dream where you are laughing constantly could tell you that you value a sense of humour above all, while a dream of being alone in a solitary location could warn you that your own fear of intimacy is what is preventing you from finding love.

Dream interpretation is a matter of looking for clues that you recognise as important aspects of your personality. What a dream can do is tell us about ourselves, so that when we do finally meet someone, we are comfortable enough with ourselves to be able to present an honest and open representation to our prospective partner. And that honesty is the solid foundation upon which lasting relationships are formed.

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