Can The Tarot Help You Make Those Big Life Decisions?

Part of the problem in having to make a big decision is that we want someone else to make it for us; we want an outside force to take the responsibility for our actions. Could this be a danger for those using the Tarot to help them make important choices in life?

Personal Peaks And Troughs

If used correctly, the Tarot does not make decisions for you; ultimately, they are a set of cards that cannot dictate what you do or do not do. However, what the Tarot can do for you is help you understand what you truly feel about the options you have in front of you and identify the personal peaks and troughs of each path. The Tarot is a tool for self-enlightenment. Through using the cards, you can gain a better understanding of how and why you are likely to react to certain situations. It is not helpful to ask the Tarot “which path should I choose?” Instead, you might want to ask how each option will affect you; the cards cannot give ‘yes or no answers’, but they are able to highlight your inner feelings about each given situation.

The Interpreter’s Role

The interpreter’s role in this process is vital and it is extremely important that you give them as much information about the decision you have to make, as well as what you might feel about it. While some might worry that giving too much information lets the reader ‘off the hook’, the truth is that it can only help them intuit more precisely what the meanings behind the cards are. In broad terms, the cards are representative of our thoughts and feelings; through creating a psychic bond with the interpreter, he will be able to divine which meanings are most pertinent to you and your situation. Using the Tarot gives you access to the feelings and thoughts that are bubbling away in your subconscious. While these might not be able to make the decision for you, simply being aware of your responses on a deeper, more profound level might just give you the insight you need to make an informed choice.

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