Can Clairvoyants Really Predict Your Future?


Clairvoyants are often accredited with being able to see into the future; to predict events before they happen. Since time immemorial, mankind has been obsessed by what will be and clairvoyants have found themselves at the centre of the lives of those who want a short-cut into the future. But can they really transcend the laws of time and let you know what your destiny holds?

A Future in Flux

The answer is a complex one, for it is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Part of the problem for a psychic is that the future is always in flux; it is being defined and built in the ‘now’, rather than being part of a map that we simply cannot see. While psychics may talk about your ‘destiny’, this does not presuppose that everything is predetermined. Most clairvoyants are well aware that the future is influenced by our actions now and that we all have free will with which to make our decisions and choices.

Psychic Residue

However, a clairvoyant, thanks to his heightened awareness, can tap into something that can make their predictions surprisingly accurate: the past. Just as aeroplanes leave vapour-trails, our subconscious selves leave psychic residue behind us. Often, these last for hundreds of years, which is how psychics are able to pick up on ghostly phenomena; they are powerful psychic fingerprints. A clairvoyant is just as sensitive to the vibrations of the past as they are to the signs of the future; by tapping into the trails we leave in our wake, clairvoyants can predict the future that is most probable for us. Just as scientists are able to predict what will happen in an experiment, based on past results, clairvoyants are able to make predictions about people, based on their previous psychic activity.

The job of a clairvoyant would be virtually impossible, if it didn’t rely on instinct. Predicting a future is not a calculated move; it requires a great talent for intuition. While a clairvoyant is able to give a good indicator of what is likely to happen if we continue to follow our current psychic trajectory, we have the potential to shape our own destinies as we want them to be.

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