Can A One-Card Tarot Reading Really Tell Your Fortune?

The short answer is no; no amount of Tarot cards will tell you your fortune. The cards are not a crystal ball and nor are they a hotline to the future; Tarot cards are method for divining what forces are at work in your life and investigating those at work within you. They help us to gain insight into ourselves and an overview of our place in the world so that, ultimately, we can shape the futures we want. However, taking a one-card reading is a way of assuming greater responsibility for the paths we carve.


Complex and Subtle Relationships


In general, each deck of cards uses the Major and Minor Arcana to help us gain clarity when considering what we want from life. The cards complement one another and each Arcanum has a complex, yet subtle relationship with the other. Readings using the standard number of cards allows the seeker to ask questions and receive answers or guidance specific to that question. However, the responsibility is on the seeker to ensure that the questions he or she asks are well thought-out and of some worth. This requires some self-analysis, which can help the cards intuit the energies at play. With a one-card reading, the seeker’s duty is an even greater one.


We Solve our own Problems


One-card readings demand open-ended questions; the answer you will receive is ‘boiled down’ to one card, so you must be prepared to embrace that card and all its possible interpretations. Questions such as ‘how will I get through this situation?’ are better than ‘will I get this job?’ There is also a great deal of pressure on the reader to divine the correct meaning, but a little discussion beforehand will act as a guide, allowing them to discern which meaning is most pertinent.


The cards are not a simple conduit to future events, but they are a conduit to our own powers and abilities. Most of the solutions to the problems and hurdles that apparently stand in our way can be found inside ourselves.


Choosing a one-card reading may require greater preparation beforehand and greater thought afterwards, but the insights it can provide can be incredibly rewarding. 


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