Britain’s spiritual beliefs revealed

 Here are the highlights:

-    Four out of ten people believe in ghosts
-    More than half those surveyed believe in life after death
-    Seven out of ten believe in the human soul
-    One in five believe in astrology
-    One in ten believe in Tarot and fortune telling
-    Three in ten believe in reincarnation

Two thousand people were surveyed in total and the research was radically different to the results found in 1950 by Gallup which found only one in ten people believed in ghosts with fewer than one in ten believing in astrology and fortune telling.

Paul Woolley, the director of Theos, said: ‘The enlightenment optimism in the ability of science and reason to explain everything ended decades ago. The extent of belief will probably surprise people, but the finding is consistent with other research we have undertaken.

‘The results indicate that people have a very diverse and unorthodox set of beliefs. Our research may point to a slight increase in scepticism about aspects of the supernatural over the last ten years.’
Read more at the Times.

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