Bring some colour back into your life

Everyone needs an extra boost of energy once in a while as we work longer hours and battle with greater challenges in the household. There is one element in our lives that we come across every day, yet often fail to use to its full potential: colour.

Brenda Martin (founder of the School of Natural Health and Well Being) is a strong believer in using colour to aid the improvement of health, mood and emotion. The colour spectrum is believed to represent pure energy, with each colour holding a particular vibration, which can be used to heal the problem area.

The technique dates back to the mythology of Ancient Egypt, in which the colours that produce sunlight were believed to affect different areas of a person’s life and wellbeing. In the present day, colour is often used during meditation and through the healing properties of coloured crystals.
An easy way to introduce a rainbow of colours into your life is to eat a good mixture of coloured vegetables, such as purple foods to relax and white foods to cleanse. The colours of our clothes and our home can equally enhance mood and energy, producing great therapeutic results.

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