Brad Pitt: a spiritual star

Stories have emerged this week that Brad Pitt, is a devotee of all things spiritual. As you know, Brad is one of Hollywood's biggest players and is next to be seen in The Tree of Life, pictured: the film is a cosmic epic and a different look at life.

According to psychic Ron Bard, Brad first visited him for guidance back during the filming of Mr & Mrs Smith (the movie where he met now-partner Angelina Jolie), and has continued to turn to him for advice.

Says Ron, "I know him both personally and through my business. He is very, very spiritual." And while Ron is used to working with the great and good, including friend Kelsey Grammer with whom he recently set up a psychic networking site, it sounds like he has a soft spot for Brad. According to Ron, "I meet a lot of celebrities in this business, and he's truly one of the nicest people. He's gracious and generous, just such a great person."

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