Bones returns with Cyndi Lauper as a psychic!

The US TV series, Bones has just made a major return to US screens with a little help from Cyndi Lauper, famous for 1980s hits such as ‘Time After Time’ and ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’.

The show’s fifth season in America featured Cyndi as a psychic named Avalon Harmonia, who is brought in to help forensic detectives Brennan and Booth with their latest investigation.

Cyndi’s tarot skills don’t go down a treat however and she eventually becomes a suspect in the murder investigation she was originally brought in to help solve.

Although Lauper is better known for her music than her acting, she’s actually been quite busy lately playing main roles in films such as the quirky Serbian drama, Here and There, which received great critical acclaim at the Tribeca Film Festival in her hometown of New York.

She has also made appearances on a number of well-known TV shows in recent years, including Gossip Girl, 30 Rock and Queer As Folk. Meanwhile, Lauper’s singing career has continued successfully, with her 2008 album Bring Ya to the Brink being nominated for a Grammy and her recent single ‘Into the Nightlife’ reaching no.1 in the US dance charts.

Bones is known for its interesting array of guest stars, which have included contestants from American Idol and the cartoon character Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, as well as Britain’s beloved Stephen Fry.

You can see how Cyndi performs when the new series gets its UK premiere on Sky One this October.

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