How do you tell if your medium is for real?

Because of its nebulous nature, the world of mediums is one that leaves itself wide open to exploitation. Frauds are common both in real life and on the Internet. Often, these are people who will prey on people who are experiencing some personal difficulty and are therefore more suggestible. However, there are a few ‘warning signs’ that people can look out for to help them decide whether they are being manipulated or not.

Questions, Questions

Psychics and mediums tend to ask a lot of questions. For legitimate mediums, this is to ensure that the information they are processing is accurate and pertinent to their client’s situation. However, legitimate psychics rarely, if ever, ask leading questions. These are the tools of fraudsters and charlatans. In a reading, a legitimate medium might say that they are in contact with someone who died in specific circumstances, such as a car crash. A statement like this allows the client to process the information they have been given and answer the unspoken question in a way they choose. They may answer that they knew someone who died that way or that they didn’t. An unspoken question also allows the client to keep the identity of that person to themselves, until they feel it is appropriate to venture it.

Being asked “who died in a car crash?” suggests that the medium is looking to legitimise their information, that it is factual and that the reading can progress no further until the identity is revealed. Questions that require an immediate and specific response should be viewed with caution.

In Tune and Online

In addition, legitimate psychics tend to present specific information rather than general statements. General statements allow the client to fill in the gaps for fakes, giving them clues on which to build a fraudulent but often seemingly accurate picture. The psychic should be questioning the spirit they are in tune with, rather than the client.

The Internet has brought scams of all sorts into being. No online psychic or medium needs to know your bank details, driver’s licence number or security passwords to make a reading successful. These are scammers and should be reported.

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