Beating the holiday blues

Christmas is the highlight of the year for some, yet for others the thought of it alone can cause feelings of dread, anxiety and depression. If you’re one of the latter, then Therese J. Borchard’s mental health blog Beyond Blue on has nine ways in which you can beat the blues this holiday period.

1. Expect the worst
Prepare yourself for the worst, so you may be pleasantly surprised instead of feeling the usual disappointment.

2. Sleep, eat and exercise

Remembering to do all three will ensure full enjoyment of the holiday season.

3. Build up support
Whatever you do with yourself outside of work, do more of it, involving more people and gradually building up a network of support as you go. This will pay off during the low times.

4.  Avoid ‘toxic people’
Try to stay away from the people you know will annoy you the most.

5. Know thyself
Make a list of the things that trigger off your negative emotions to ensure you are more aware of them, thus making them easier to avoid. 

6. Make travelling easier
Take the stress out of traveling and lower your ‘travelling standards’, whether this be through taking cotton clothes that don’t require ironing or giving the kids what they want on that six-hour car journey.

7. Make your own traditions
Create Christmas traditions to give the day a special meaning that will last a lifetime.

8. Get out of yourself

Lifting your spirits can be achieved through the helping of others. 

9. Exercise your funny bone
Laughing is good for your health and can keep you alive both emotionally and spiritually.

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