Barbie turns 50

Exploring the spiritual side to the world’s most famous doll.

She turns 50 this year, but if you thought Barbie was all clothes, cooking and Ken you thought wrong. There’s a spiritual side to Mattel’s most popular doll whose jobs over the years have ranged from a fashion model to an astronaut to a presidential candidate!

Created by American businesswoman Ruth Handler who was apparently inspired by a German doll called Bild Lilli, Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She was introduced to her famous love interest Ken Carson in 1961.

Over the years she has undergone many transformations from the blank canvas ‘bimbo’ that she was once perceived to be. Here are a few of her more spiritual incarnations…

Lady of the Unicorns
Barbie appeared as a fair-maiden of the forest, with an accompanying unicorn horse as inspired by medieval legend.

Barbie donned a beautiful pair of wings and a beautiful chiffon layered dress to evoke the appearance of a beautiful winged messenger.

Goddess of the Sun
American fashion designer Bob Mackie re-designed Barbie as a luminous goddess with celestial rays coming from her dress and tiara.

Midnight Moon Princess
Barbie got herself a Mystic Meg look with raven hair and a sleek silvery bklue dress to commemorate the moon and all its majesty.

Wearing a silk sari and traditional make-up this ceremonious Barbie was released to celebrate the Hindu festival of Lights, Diwali.
Read more about Barbie and her 50th birthday celebrations on her official site, here:

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