Assassination of Obama Predicted By Psychics

In terms of other New Year predictions, here’s one of a doom monger nature that we hope doesn’t come true – a psychic has predicted the assassination of President Barack Obama in 2010.

The Toronto-based psychic Nikki is known for her celebrity clientele, and claims to have predicted several world events before they happened, such as 9/11 and the death of Michael Jackson.

Nikki talked to the National Post about her 300-strong list of predictions for the coming year, saying that she had been getting ‘really strong’ vibes about the possibility of Obama’s assassination. She suggests that there is a very dark aura around him, and that there is likely to be more than one attempt at assassination.

But perhaps we shouldn’t take her predictions too seriously – her list for 2010 also included a claim that giant bats will attack a city in South America!  Time will tell.


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