Are Your Dreams Psychic Indicators?

Most of us have experienced déjà vu at some time or another; the sense that you have been somewhere before when, in actual fact, you couldn’t have been. This is an indicator of mild psychic ability. Thinking of someone only to find that, shortly after, you are either speaking to them on the ‘phone or bump into them in the street is indicative of intermediate clairvoyance. However, there are those who dream of an event, only to find that, some tie later, it actually happens. Are dreams indicators of psychic prowess?

There are various types if dream that are indicators of psychic ability:

● Precognitive dreams. These are the dreams, in which an event is later actualized, in real life. Often, they are extremely emotional dreams, depicting a harmful situation or event.

● Clairvoyant dreams. These dreams occur as though there was a camera-feed from an event taking place in real-time. Many clairvoyant dreamers wake to find that their dream has depicted an event that happened while they were asleep and often find they are in possession of facts that they could not be, unless they were actually there.

● Telepathic dreams. In these dreams, the dreamer can get a sense of how someone is feeling or uncover what they are thinking about. Often, they can experience these feelings as though they were the other person.

● Collective dreaming. This is where two or more people share the same dream, simultaneously. All of these types of dream indicate strong psychic abilities. You can test to see what your abilities may be, by keeping a Dream Journal. Begin by noting the dreams you have had that you think may have some psychic resonance: did they come true? Was the dream shared by others? Did you gain some information that you shouldn’t be in possession of, unless you were there?

Once you have identified a dream that seems to have some psychic value, note how it was presented to you: was it a long dream? Particularly vivid? Was it literal or laden with symbolism?

By tracking your dreams, you will soon be able to see which psychic ability it is indicative of.

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