Are You Psychically In Tune With Your Partner?

While you may be utterly dedicated to your partner, physically and emotionally, how can you be sure that you are psychically in tune with each other?

Psychic Shields

We are all connected to each other through our subconscious minds, whether we are aware of it or not. Often, we feel this connection as a ‘gut feeling’ or instinct that someone is a positive or negative influence on our lives. Sometimes this means that we ‘tune’ certain people out of our lives. While this may feel like a decision that we have no say in, it is the subconscious acting in defense; we all possess psychic shields that, to some extent, we are able to put up when the need arises. However, there comes a time when we want to reinforce a connection, particularly with those dearest to us.

A Snow-Capped Mountain

The conscious mind can be likened to the snow on top of a mountain. The subconscious mind is the mountain itself, always there, but often obscured by the snow. In order to connect with someone on a psychic level, we must get past the snow-cap and be able to see the mountain in its entirety. This is not often easy, as a connection of this sort is the most profoundly intimate connection there can be between two people, making them very vulnerable.

You may well be in tune with your partner, but there is always room for improvement. Do you finish each other’s sentences? Do you know what he or she is thinking before they say it? Are you able to sense when they are in difficulty? Do you answer a phone, knowing that they are on the other end, before they have spoken? When you are apart, can you somehow sense their presence? These are all instances of psychic connection. Whilst you have been establishing physical and emotional connections, your respective psyches will have been sizing each other up, looking for the positives and negatives therein. A true connection will be made in spite of any differences, as your subconscious minds connect, appreciating both your similarities and your differences.

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