Are You Psychic?

Most of us have encountered experiences that we have been unable to explain. Knowing who is on the phone before you answer it, the feeling that you have been somewhere before and dreaming situations that actually happen are some of the most common examples. However, are these just simple coincidences or do they hint at a hidden, psychic ability?

Latent Abilities

The short answer is that we are all psychic; we were born with latent abilities that are related to our subconscious selves. We all generate energies and these energies can be transmitted between people or even left in our wakes, as a form of psychic residue. However, the majority of us suppress, ignore and forget that we have these abilities. Too often, we become so preoccupied with the minutiae and stresses and strains of our daily lives and physical existence that our higher selves are relegated to the bottom of our list of priorities.

Exercise Your Muscle

The subconscious is like a muscle and all muscles need to be exercised in order to perform to their optimum capacity. Failure to exercise a muscle results in it becoming weak, ineffective and atrophied. This is the case with the subconscious; what was once an integral part of our very essence can become flabby and weak. The best way to start exercising your psychic muscles is to begin training; a sort of ‘psychic workout.’ However, it’s a lot less tiring than going to the gym.

Initially, you need to begin through meditation; finding some down time in which you can step back from the world and empty your mind of the conscious problems that are occupying you. This will create a clear line for the subconscious to start ‘speaking’ through. You will find that, initially, you are bombarded with images and sensations that appear abstract and have non common thread. However, through taking notes and monitoring yourself in your daily life, there will be messages from your subconscious that are pertinent to your conscious existence. Your dreams will become clearer and you will find that you gain insight into how other people are thinking and feeling; the first steps in honing your psychic fitness.

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