Are Pets Good For Our Psychic Health?

There has been plenty of information written about the benefits of pets to our physical health; stroking an animal can help to lower your blood pressure, walking a dog gets you exercising and the company aspect of having a pet has been found useful in combating depression. However, does the way in which a pet affects you extend beyond the physical?

The Power of Pets

 There are countless anecdotal stories that suggest animals have abilities beyond our field of perception. Most people have heard tales told of cats who jump up to the window minutes before their owner is due to arrive, dogs that bark before a particular person calls on the phone, talking parrots that seem to say the right thing at the right time and animals who have found their way home from miles and miles away. Many of us have experienced similar phenomena; the cat that hisses at an apparently empty space or the dog that whines in a particular room. Pets also seem to have the uncanny ability to sense when we are down and offer comfort, without us even asking for it.

 There can be little doubt that the link we share with our pets is a special one. They see us in the moments when nobody else does and when our defences are entirely dropped. Whether it’s a moment of extreme joy or extreme unhappiness, we reveal our innermost feelings to our pets, eschewing that filter with which we edit our feelings in the presence of other people. This bond is a strong one, based on complete honesty.

 A Guileless Relationship

In removing our social barriers, we also drop our psychic shields. On a daily basis, we protect ourselves against the negative wavelengths generated by those around us, with a barrier or filter of psychic energy. However, whether we are aware of it or not, this takes energy and we all need those moments when we can truly unwind and ‘just be.’ Pet owners enter this state of being in the presence of their animals, which are able to pick up on the completely open transmissions of their owners’ subconsciouses. In this way, the bond that develops between a pet and its owner is incredibly deep and without guile of any sort.

 But can having a pet be beneficial to our psychic health? In many ways, the answer can be traced back to some of the reasons people buy pets in the first place: companionship, a reason to exercise and a spiritual resonance with that particular animal. Most psychics believe that our physical selves are somehow a representation of our higher selves; we’ve all heard of the inextricable links between mind, body and soul. However, there is more to this trinity than you might first think. In order to fulfil our true potential as spiritual beings, we must look after every aspect of our existence, for each affects the other. This is the fundament of many belief systems such as Buddhism and is even relayed as a message through the Tarot cards; in order to exist harmoniously, we must find balance between all the different aspects of our being.

The Psychic Benefits Of Having A Pet

A pet adds an extra dimension to our lives. It gives us another being to think about and care for, which is vital to spiritual growth. Too often, we enter states of psychic stagnation, in which our thoughts turn inward and we chase thoughts around, without ever acting on them. Having to care for an animal forces us out of these periods of plateau and demands that we remain thoughtful and practical; they are a catalyst for action, no matter how domestic it might feel.

 Exercise is also an important part of maintaining your psychic health. Many psychics believe that physical illnesses stem from psychic imbalance and vice versa. In taking exercise, through activities such as walking your dog, you are helping to reinforce your psychic health. Exercise promotes the production of endorphins that can lift your mood and, in addition, helps the body to combat disease.

As your body benefits, so too does your subconscious. We all know how energised and positive we feel after we have taken some exercise, no matter how moderate. On top of that, something as simple as taking the dog for a walk gives you time to ‘smell the roses’. Too often in life we bustle around, not stopping to absorb what is going on around us. While walking might seem a mundane pastime, it gives you the opportunity to take in your surroundings and even enter a light, meditative state, which is ideal for helping you to communicate with your subconscious. Many dog walkers have found the solution to a burgeoning problem whilst out for a stroll with their pooch.

 Combating Psychic Stagnation

Perhaps the most popular reason for getting a pet is for companionship and this is one of the most important factors in maintaining your psychic health. Those who live alone or who have restricted social lives do not get the chance to interact, either physically or psychically, with others. Solitude can promote psychic stagnation and, if left untended, psychic malaise. Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem are not just emotional problems; they have their roots in our psychic health and are often the result of a solitary existence.

Once again, having a pet forces us to think and, to some degree, interact in a sphere beyond our own. Pet owners will often talk to their pets and receive some perceived confirmation that they have been understood. This interaction allows the subconscious to feel valued and useful and keep it ticking over until it is needed to react with another person.

Animals also appear to have their own psychic and intuitive abilities and it is through these that we can test and strengthen our own. Many owners have made the decision to try and boost their latent talents through attempting to develop their bond with their pets. Some even claim to be able to give their animals psychic commands. Whether this is true or not is up for debate, but there can be no doubt that it encourages people to flex their psychic muscles.


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