Are Fergie's fortunes on the rise?

Despite the rumours of imminent bankruptcy that surround her, the Duchess of York is said to be on positive form, thanks to her latest spiritual advisor.

Apparently, Fergie is receiving advice from Mia Dolan, a psychic reader from the Isle of Sheppey, who's told her that her money problems will be sorted as soon as October. And Fergie is so convinced that she's promised recently laid-off staff that she'll soon to able to rehire them.

According to one of the Duchess's former aides, 'The Duchess told us all in a call from America that she was devastated to lay us off, but that we had to have faith because she was going to sort things out and would then be in a position to give us our jobs back.'

'She has been telling everyone about the fortune-teller and the fact that all would be well in October.'

As well as foreseeing the Duchess's money woes and financial recovery, Mia has already impressed wider audiences as a ghostbuster on ITV's Haunted Homes, and by winning the paranormal edition of Celebrity Weakest Link.

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