Aquarius - Who Is Your Ideal Star Partner?


We all look for specific qualities when choosing our partner. Certain looks might appeal to us, or a sense of humour might be more important than eye colour. While all of these are key when we're selecting the person we hope we'll spend the rest of our lives with, there is another, more spiritual aspect of compatibility that is just as important. Our sun signs can give clues as to whether we're compatible with another person, so for Aquarians, who is the ideal 'star' partner?

Aquarians are in many ways the masters of deception. While on the outside they may be gregarious, relaxed and friendly, they rarely show their true feelings and often have great difficulty in allowing others to become close to them. This secretive nature and reluctance to show their emotions can make them very difficult to get to know on an intimate level. However, once they have relaxed into a relationship and truly trust the person they are with, they are then intensely loyal and faithful. In return, they expect the same level of devotion and loyalty, and transgressions or a 'wandering eye' will be met with explosive anger.

Best and worst matches

The ideal match for Aquarius is the balanced and calm Libra. They too like a stable relationship and are also reluctant to let people get too close initially. However, once they feel that an equilibrium has been achieved, they are happy to settle down into a loving, loyal and faithful relationship. Both like their periods of solitude, and its this flexibility within a relationship that Aquarians find most attractive about Librans.

Aquarians often find it difficult to achieve that same sense of balance with Virgos, and this is not a match made in heaven. A possible difficulty that they could encounter is a real 'power struggle', as Virgo likes to dominate and control a relationship. Virgos sometimes try and mould their partner into their ideal, and try to manipulate an Aquarian in that way and the only thing they'll change will be the door locks! Both signs love a good debate, but unfortunately in this match that 'debate' could easily turn into a full-blown argument, potentially ruining any chance of a lasting relationship.

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