Am I psychic? How to tell if you have a gift

Perceived wisdom in psychic circles suggests that we are all born with some latent psychic abilities. However, for most of us, they are so weak that they go unnoticed, or we simply forget how to use what we’ve got. As a result, the majority of us are psychic to some degree – but we don’t know it. Consequently, the question ‘am I psychic’ is a bit redundant; the real question ought to be whether you are psychic enough that you are different from other people.

Psychic ability is much like intelligence; we all have it – but to varying degrees. So, as a starter, if you think that you might have a psychic ability, then the chances are that you probably do, as most of us don’t consider that we have any psychic powers at all.


Go online and you’ll see that there are hundreds of online psychic tests, designed to grade your abilities. However, there are problems with sites of this sort; more often than not they tend to be simple, automated pieces of software that have no connection to our subconscious selves whatsoever – they are just pieces of entertainment. In addition, those that might seem to have a degree of worth to them can cause tension and stress; our abilities are so tied in to our emotional states that ‘exam’ situations can make reading their limits very difficult. Psychic abilities are best observed at work in their natural habitat. Luckily, there are a number of simple signs that can be early indicators of psychic ability – and some of them are more common than you might think.

Precognitive Abilities

Most of us have some degree of precognitive ability. This manifests itself in certain situations, such as knowing who that person is on the other end of the line before you pick the phone up. Because these instances are fairly common, it’s not entirely accurate to cite them as actual evidence of a psychic gift. They may well be evidence of your latent psychic abilities – but on no greater a level than anyone else.

However, if you are regularly able to perceive who it is on the other end of the phone – even when you may have not heard from that person for years – they you may well have some precognitive talents. The important indicator here is the unexpected; routine or regular events are only indicative of psychic abilities up to a point. It’s the completely unexpected and unforeseen that offer the best proof that someone has a gift that sets them apart from the crowd.

Psychic Bonds

As with precognition, many of us develop psychic bonds with those around us. You tend to see it most often with couples who seem completely ‘in-synch’ with one another; they can finish each other’s sentences and seem to ‘know’ what the other person is thinking. This isn’t confined to couples; it can manifest itself between friends as much as those who are romantically linked.

However, as with precognition, these events are relatively commonplace and suggest that the people in question have a degree of psychic ability – but nothing that could be termed as a ‘gift’. It’s more of an awareness than anything else

. Again, what we’re looking for are examples of phenomena that are slightly less common and slightly harder to write off as coincidence. Some people have reported psychic bonds that are so strong that they instinctively know when a friend or relative is in trouble – even though that person might be in another country or they may not have heard from them for a long time. These are examples of psychic bonds that run very deep and may be early indicators of empathic or telepathic gifts.

Déjà vu

Most of us have some experience of this phenomenon; it’s the inexplicable feeling that we have been somewhere or seen something before – even though we know full-well that we haven’t. Because this is relatively common occurrence, we can only take it as a sign that our psychic senses are working – not that they are gifted in any way.

What tends to typify déjà vu is that it is a fleeting experience; a feeling that passes quite quickly and is nothing more than that; just a feeling. However, if your Deja vu experiences linger and are accompanied by visions and details, then you may well be displaying early signs of psychic recall.


Our subconscious minds are like two-way radio transmitters, broadcasting and receiving signals all day, every day. As a result, we pick up information about the world around us, even though we might not be aware of it and, as a consequence of that, we dream. Some of the dreams we have are just the subconscious having a clear out; getting rid of the information it doesn’t want to hang on to. However, sometimes, it’s a message from the higher self.

Given that we collate data on a daily basis, there are definite odds that we will – perhaps once in our lives – experience a dream that might be described as prophetic. However, if you regularly find yourself experiencing detailed, vivid dreams about people and these dreams come to pass, then you are likely to be displaying signs of clairvoyance.


Some people are able to make intuitive and educated guesses about other people, simply by handling an object that belongs to them. More often than not, there are clues in this objects that an intelligent and intuitive person will be able to string together to work out certain aspects of a person’s personality or history. This is the basis of many techniques used by cold readers; people who use their body reading and intuitive skills to deduce things about a client. In turn, this allows them to pass themselves off as genuine psychics when, in fact, they are nothing of the sort.

However, if, on handling an object or item of clothing, you are able to discern information about a person that you would have no way of knowing, then the chances are that you are displaying the early signs of the psychic gift known as clairsentience.

There are plenty of indicators that you may be a gifted psychic; the next question is: what do you do with those gifts, once you have identified them?


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