A new kind of dating

On the lookout for love? If the regular kind of dating just isn’t working for you, why not give ‘spiritual’ dating a try?

Jill Crosby, founder of Spiritual Singles, has set out her six steps to navigating the dating game and finding the perfect partner. She says that spiritual dating is more fun than the regular sort and is all about being true to yourself and you inner feelings.

The six steps are:

1. Remembering our divinity
Keep in mind that every single one of us is someone special and worth treasuring

2. Being present and open
When you’re present in the moment you’re open to meeting your soulmate!

3. Being realistic
Chemistry comes in all shapes and sizes – be prepared to reassess what your ‘type’ is and look a little deeper at the person within

4. Being real
This is about letting your guard down and getting rid of ego

5. Listening
When you’re on a date, practise actively listening to what the other person is saying, without worrying about what you’re going to say next or how you look

6. Staying in the flow
When you’re ‘in the flow’, you don’t need to think things through for hours…they just happen naturally!

For more in-depth information on this and other dating topics, check out Jill’s website www.spiritualsingles.co.uk or if chat dating is your game check out our sister site Chatbox UK at http://www.chatboxuk.com/

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