Personal growth and the guidance of the Tarot

A good Tarot reading is best looked upon as a three-way conversation between the cards, the interpreter and the questioner’s Higher Self. The key to personal growth is understanding that the cards are not a tool for predicting the future. They are a method of self-discovery, so that the questioner gets a better overview of their strengths, weaknesses and their responsibilities in specific situations. Understanding of this sort can only help you to shape the future you desire.

What is Personal Growth?

Many people go into Tarot readings assuming that the cards will tell them what to do. If that were true, we would all act under instruction, absolved of any sense of responsibility within our lives. The Tarot requires that the questioner is prepared to learn about themselves and apply that information to the situations that concern them. However, as much as it is rewarding to learn about your positive energies, the questioner must also be prepared to learn about their shortcomings; these are the negative energies that act as obstacles to our personal goals.

The best way to achieve personal growth in any situation is to approach it objectively and this is where the role of the interpreter is vital. If someone was to conduct their own Tarot reading, they would be likely to interpret the cards in accordance with their mood or subconscious feelings on the situation. The interpreter, acting as a third party, can intuit the meaning behind each card without having their judgement clouded by emotions or allegiances. Instead, they are able to paint an accurate picture of the questioner’s role in the overall scheme of things.

Assuming Responsibility

Personal growth is a combination of questioning yourself and questioning others about the role you play in their lives. The Tarot allows you to explore both avenues, simultaneously. However, it is important that you are open to what you are told, whether it is positive or negative. Only by embracing all the aspects of our personalities can we hope to achieve the harmony necessary to leading a full and happy life. The cards may offer advice but, ultimately, the voyage of personal development is your own.

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