Are Hauntings just the Echoes of Bad Memories?

Parapsychologists tend to agree that a haunting can be defined as a repeated paranormal event that can be attributed to an entity or place. There are various types of haunting, each with their own hallmarks and apparently involving different sorts of ‘ghost’. While these events are usually associated with a supernatural force, there is a growing school of thought supporting the argument that hauntings are actually the manifestation of strong, negative energies – that they are, in effect, merely the echoes of bad memories.

 Types of haunting

While it would be easy to assume that a haunting comprises of a house and a ghost, these phenomena do not always seem to follow our preconceptions. In fact, the typical house-bound spectre is one of the rarest forms of haunting reported. Typically, hauntings tend to take a different form:

 ● Light and orb hauntings. These are one of the most common hauntings reported and are characterised by the appearance of balls of light that appear in particular rooms or places. The orbs are short-lived, seeming to appear, travel very quickly across a distance and then vanish. Some parapsychologists believe them to be the manifestations of spirits or human souls.

 ● Poltergeists are invisible forces, which often appear to have malevolent intent. Reports included furniture being moved or thrown about, people being assaulted and electrical equipment being interfered with. While most parapsychologists assume these to be the spirits of those who have died an unhappy death or those who simply are ‘unaware’ that they have died, there is another school of thought that attributes poltergeist hauntings with demonic activity.

● Human hauntings are more or less what we think of as a traditional haunting. These are typified by the appearance of an apparition that is identifiable as human in form, although it may or may not be aware of the presence of the living. There are sub-categories if human hauntings, such as the phenomenon of the Doppelganger, in which a person may see a spectral representation of themselves. However, many paranormal experts are now suggesting that this could be an example of some form of precognition.

 ● Haunted objects. There are reports of objects that are strongly associated with paranormal activity. Usually, this will be an item that, if moved from a particular place, will quickly become the focal point for ghostly activity. Most often, the type of activity that is generated falls into the category of a poltergeist haunting, with no visual or audible spectre – simply an invisible force that makes itself known by moving corporeal objects, sometimes with considerable force.

Whilst there are still more types of haunting, what they all seem to have in common is the death of someone in unhappy, violent or tragic circumstances. What is generally accepted by the paranormal community is that we all generate positive and negative energy on a daily basis. Our subconscious selves are much like two-way radio transmitters, sending and receiving energy that is interpreted by our unconscious minds. This is the reason that some people appear to have psychic powers - they are simply more in tune with their higher selves than others.

Negative energy

 What is also generally accepted is that the more extreme the emotions involved, the more ‘powerful’ or prominent the generation of energy is, the easier it is to detect. Following that argument, someone who meets a violent, fearful or unhappy end will generate an extraordinary amount of psychic energy in their last moments.

The final piece in this thesis is that energy can be picked and stored by objects or buildings. Scientists agree that all matter is merely energy condensed to a very slow vibration, but is still vibrating, nonetheless. Just as when you pour water onto a solid it can be absorbed or leave a stain, powerful waves of energy can be soaked up by the objects in their paths. After all, they too are energy, but in a different form.

 Given the right conditions, a solid object will expel the water it has absorbed, perhaps as steam or condensation. In similar terms, if the appropriate psychic conditions are achieved, objects, rooms and even entire buildings will expel the energies that they have accumulated. If the energies are particularly negative, then that will be the main characteristic of their manifestation.

 Psychic phenomena

 This also goes some way to explaining the different types of haunting that take place. Each person has their own psychic identity, just as we all have unique and different fingerprints. As a result, while they may similar qualities to their manifestation, they will each be very different. It may also be that, just as an illness has similar symptoms yet affects each person differently, hauntings can be broadly separated into particular types. Perhaps the manner in which someone dies or their mental state at that time can actually determine whether the negative energy they generate will be recycled as poltergeist activity, a human haunting or even an orb haunting.

While there is plenty of photographic and recorded evidence of paranormal activity, there is still little proof as to what causes these episodes in the first place. What is certain is that the ghosts and spectres seen or perceived are the residual energies of people who have passed on to the spirit realm. Psychics, clairvoyants and mediums are often able to visit the site of a haunting and to give details about the person who is at the epicentre of the activity.

 This also supports the idea that all we are really looking at are the echoes of tragic or highly emotional events as, once a person has died, they then operate on a higher psychic level than those that are left behind. The vibrations that a psychic detects have to be within their spectrum, in order for them to be detected.

Ghosts and hauntings are one of the most fascinating and debated aspects of paranormal activity. If you believe your home to be haunted, rather than being fearful, it may be worth attempting a spiritual cleansing to remove the residue of events that are long past.


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