I work with or without tools its ....to the client. I'm honest and get to the point without wasting time. Going into personal in depth feelings of all that is mentioned in the reading to the client. To give understanding to them and use helping me explain in a clear manner. I will give message to passer bys if i can. I can get messages for people if they are not having a reading. I would like to go into stage work and I'm currently working on building my skills and watching psychic investigations and my visions match. My gift grows each day and my empathy level is very high indeed I feel all and knew if someone is not being honest while having a psychic consultation.

  • Angel Cards
  • Clairvoyance
  • Healing
  • Love Tarot
  • Medium
  • Spirit Coach
  • Tarot

Questions and Answers

What spiritual skills do you have?

Clairvoyant, medium, angel cards, healer, spiritual coach, tarot and love tarot.

What languages do you speak?


What can I expect from my reading with you?

Getting to the situation that is most on the clients mind. Without the client mentioning it. Finding a solution to the reading or situations. Allowing the client to feel lighter and complete in finding answers and confirmation.

Describe your journey into the psychic world

I had always felt I was drawn to uplifting. I could see inside people of peoples head and feel their feelings at the page of 19 years. As in my early twenties I have a friend a reading describing her grandmother who passed away. Right down to clothes she was wearing and the fact a ring had been given to her sister. That had been lost. It belonged to her grandmother and the lady was shocked to know that I knew this information without being told.

What prompted you to start giving readings?

After that reading I knew I could assist people in the right direction and be for love rather than hate. And because I loved it.

What are your experience and qualifications?

Reiki level 1&2( Usui reiki healing)

What is your most memorable psychic experience?

Giving my father a reading about his mother that I never met, as she passed on before I was born. I could see her home and surroundings which surprised my father.

How do you use the tarot cards as a spiritual tool?

I use clairvoyant and clairaudience to help bring an individual reading to the client.

How do you interpret the tarot cards to focus on love?

The reading is switched to love as the picture messages show this and I tell the client and give proof of their love situation at proof of their love situation at present, past and future situations around love.

How do the spirits show themselves to you?

I see them in my minds eye

How do your visions manifest themselves?

Come to my mind and make me feel pain, psychic and emotional of the living and people who have passed on.

How does spiritual healing flow through you?

Very easily with years of experience. If shows just how I feel.

What is the importance of spirituality in your life and how do you convey it in your readings?

Very important as it is me and i have to be good to continue on my spiritual path. I see the level they are at in a mini lesson that lasts for around five minutes.

Why are angel cards special to you?

Because they have a message that is suited to the client for that moment in time and I find them gentle and beautiful to look at.

Customer feedback

  • A real shame
    hate to leave not good feed back,at time few mths ago well nothing has come to light,at time i wanted to end but gone past the deadling.perhaps bad day,just wish say sorry try other reader,as for getting money back not hope in hell .....
    25/03/2017 02:24:16
  • Disappointed
    I don't like to leave bad reviews however, feel as if I have wasted my money. She could not tell me anything at all. It was I was like the reader as had to give all the answers. Please do not waste your money on this reader
    05/12/2016 16:05:43
  • Fantastic
    Thank you very much Honesty for the reading I just had with you. Picked up my height straight away and a situation going on right now. Saw certain things this person was doing to me I wish you well and Thank you for my reading love and light Emma x
    18/11/2016 20:45:46
  • In all honesty....
    I'm sorry to say that I did not find this reader to be all that good. I had a reading with her a few weeks back and the reason why I'm only now leaving feedback is because it's negative feedback and I don't like to do that, however I've decided I should. For I didn't get anything from her apart from a dark haired man in spirit and she could not tell me about my love life. Her profile states a lot but I received very little. Hopefully she'll connect better with other people.
    09/11/2016 19:28:01
  • reassuring!
    Hi Harmony! Thank you for the lovely reading.You were spot on about certain things.
    07/11/2016 23:11:50

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