Psychic reader call back

Our Kooma Call Back service is aimed exclusively at our Kooma account holders, and can be used with any of our readers you wish to have a reading with. Simply use the unique phone numbers shown above on this page, enter your reader pin via the main menu (option 2) and if the reader is online but busy, you can request a Call Back when they are free. Remember all Kooma Call Back readings are charged at £1.25 a minute and Kooma can call you back on your landline or mobile phone.

How does a psychic reader call back work?

If you have a favourite reader or a reader that you like the look of but they appear to be busy at the moment, then you can use the Kooma Call Back service to wait for them and they will call you back when free. When you phone the credit card service on the numbers above, please select option 2 from the main menu. This is highlighted as "if you know your favourite readers PIN...". If this reader is online but busy on another call we will let you know straight away by playing you the prompt "This reader has been selected by another caller. If you would like to use our premium service and receive a call back from this reader..." you will then be given the option of having that reader call you back within the next three hours when they are free. You will be given the option to arrange a call back (option 2) or simply look for an alternate reader (option 1).

If you choose to wait for a call back you can cancel your selection at any time by simply pressing 2.

How long will I have to wait before my reader phones me back?

We never allow more than 5 people to queue for the same reader and we never let anyone queue for more than 3 hours. We have hundreds of great readers so if the reader you like isn’t available or is busy, we are sure there will be someone else out there you can make a great connection with too. We will always tell you what your place is in the queue.

In the queued menu, you will be asked to enter your customer account number followed by the hash key. Once this is done we will confirm to you that you have been added to the queue for your chosen reader and your current position (1 to 5) in the queue.

When you hear your position in the queue, please press 1 to say you are happy to keep queuing or press 2 if you want to cancel the request and find another great reader.

Please remember that we cannot guarantee that the reader will be available anytime soon. When you have confirmed you want to be placed in the queue for your chosen reader, we will not end the call so that you remain online should the reader become available. Also, please have your account number handy when you receive the call back.

How many readers can I queue for?

You can only queue for one reader at a time to be fair to all readers and all customers. If you wish to change the reader you queue for you can call back into the service and cancel the call back from the main menu. You will then need to select the reader you want to queue for on Option 2 from the main menu, and repeat the process which will allow you to receive a call back from that reader.

What happens when you call me back?

When we call you back you will hear a prompt saying welcome to our call back service. You have now reached the top of the queue to speak to your favourite reader. You’ll need to confirm your account details as you would for a normal call. If you have changed your mind you can still cancel the call by selecting 2 from the menu even at this stage.

What If I haven’t got enough credit for the call?

As usual you can top up your account balance from within the call back by having your account number details to hand, the minimum top up is for 5 minutes. Call back customers like any other credit card customer will be given the opportunity two minutes before the end of their reading to top up. Again, this is limited by a minimum of 5 minutes.

We hope you like the Kooma Call Back service and that it helps you to make even better and more convenient connections with your favourite readers. Please remember you can check all and any reader’s availability online by looking at their availability indicator on their profile, you can search for your chosen readers whether by PIN or by name in the search box situated in the menu bar at the top right hand of the screen. By logging into the website and creating an account you can also book mark your favourite readers and by selecting your favourites, keep a close eye on all your chosen readers simply on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Top Rated Readers

PIN 7632
4.7 (97 reviews)

A magician with the mystical skill that can perceive the hidden of nature which control the ebb and flow of life. Skilled in astrology, tarot, spiritual coaching and kabalah.

Call Magus - PIN 7632

Pay By Credit Card

0800 075 3262

£15 for up to 20 minutes
£29 for up to 40 minutes

Pay By Mobile

CALL - 60166

60166 calls capped @ £1 per minute. 18+. Calls recorded. For entertainment purposes only. Helpdesk 020 7966 9626.

Pay By Phone

0906 758 2222

0906=80p per min + your network’s access charge. 18+. Calls recorded. Bill payer’s permission. For entertainment purposes only. Helpdesk 020 7966 9626.

PIN 7078
4.7 (76 reviews)

Experienced International Card Reader and Intuitive. I offer an honest, down to earth, flexible and empathic approach and do not sugar coat.

PIN 2345
4.0 (31 reviews)

I am an international Psychic Tarot Card Reader and Clairsentient.

PIN 5816
3.9 (39 reviews)

Hello my name is Capricorn. I am a psychic, medium and clairvoyant.

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